Hi, folks!  This is designed to be a relatively easy TEACHING QUIZ in which you can evaluate your knowledge about the conditions we discuss here and treat at our Clinic.   You score your test and then check your answers by going to the ANSWERS box.  I am planning to develop a HARDER WEB QUIZ soon.  This should be a fairly easy starter, like:

1.  Which of these sports does not use a round ball?

a)  Jai Alai  b) Lacrosse  c)  Rugby  d)  Cricket

See?  Easy, eh!  Go for it now:

2.  Which of these conditions is NOT considered a "Neurobiological Disorder"?

a)  ADHD  b)  Tourette's Syndrome  c)  OCD  d)  Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

3.  Which of these conditions is proven to (usually) respond well to CBT (Cognitive Behvioral Therapy)?

a)  OCD  b)  BPD (Bippola Disorder)  c)  Asperger's Disorder d)  ADHD

4.  Which of these conditions are thought to have heredity (familial, genetic) origin?

a)  OCD  b)  ADHD  c)  Asperger's Disorder  d)  Tourette's Syndrome  e)  All of the above

5.  Which of these medications is known to have both serious short-term and long-term side effects?

a)  Prozac  b)  Cylert  c)  Cymbalta  d)  Abilfy

6.  Which of these medications is NOT an "antidepressant"?

a)  Zoloft  b)  Lexapro  c)  Cymbalta  d)  Abilfy

7.  ADHD is normally treated with a class of medications known as?

a)  Stimulnats  b)  Tranquilizers  c)  Antidepressants  d)  Opiates

8.  All the following are FDA-approved stimulants used to treat ADHD except:

a)  Strattera  b)  Ritalin  c)  Desoxyn  d)  Adderall

9.  ADHD affects about 7-9% of boys and 5-7% of girls.

___True  ___False

10.  OCD affects about 5% of adults.

___True  ___False

11.  Known causes of ADHD include the following except:

a)  Fetal or early childhood exposure to excessive amounts of lead

b)  Ineffective parenting  c)  Fetal exposure to alcohol d)  DNA (genes)

12.  Stimulant medications cannot be used to treat ADHD children who have a persoanly or familial history of Tourette's Syndrome since they can cause tics.

___True  ___False

13.  There has been remarkable, dramatic increase in the incidence of ADHD over the past 10 years.

___True  ___False

14.  ADHD patients treated with stimulants eventually become "dependent" on these medications and crave more and more.

___True  ___False

15.  Children who have Tourette's Sydrome rarely also have ADHD or OCD.

___True  ___False

Easy, eh?  Well, maybe you will be surprised by some of the answers.  Go that page now to check your results.